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We believe the need for effective networking and information sharing among security  professionals gets more critical every year.  We are a one of a kind non-profit organization  that consists of executive, mid-level managers, and professionals who represent global oil,  gas, power generation, transmission, petrochemical and related service companies.  

ESC Highlights its Board of Directors

One way to judge the strength and leadership of an organization is to look at the leaders who volunteer their time to serve on the Board of Directors and guide and direct the organization.  At the Energy Security Council, we are extremely proud of the composition of our seasoned Board of Directors, all of whom are involved in security in the energy sector and who are all proven leaders in their own companies and organizations.  Take a look at the brief bios of our Board members and we’re sure you will agree that this is truly an outstanding collection highly experienced professionals who are collectively directing ESC’s future. 


All ESC meeting attendees are eligible for CPP & TCOLE credits upon request.

May 11-13, 2020; Monday - Wednesday
2020 ESC Annual Conference - Sponsor and Exhibitor Registration
Houston, Texas - Houston Marriott Westchase
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Registration Closes: 4/27/2020
May 11-13, 2020; Monday - Wednesday
2020 ESC Annual Conference - Attendee Registration
Houston, Texas - Houston Marriott Westchase
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Registration Closes: 4/27/2020

"CDC Informational Resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19)"
By - posted at 2/13/2020 10:25:01 AM

Critical Infrastructure Partners,

 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has prepared two public service announcements regarding the 2019 novel coronavirus, now officially renamed COVID-19—coronavirus disease, 2019—by the World Health Organization. The announcements, attached via links here, address actions the general public can take to help stop the spread of germs.

 Additionally, CDC has posted interim guidance for businesses and employers to plan and respond to COVID-19: CDC will update this interim guidance as needed and as additional information becomes available. For general and other useful information regarding COVID-19, please visit:

 Please ensure widest dissemination to your memberships and organizations.


Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency


"Bomb-Making Materials Found in Batavia Student’s Residence"
By - posted at 2/3/2020 10:50:32 AM

Bomb-Making Materials Found in Batavia Student’s Residence

On 26 November 2019, authorities discovered bomb-making materials (BMM) and containers at the home of a Batavia, Illinois, high school student. The FBI notified the Batavia Police Department of a tip received from a third party indicating someone in Batavia bought materials used to make explosives. The initial investigation led them to the juvenile’s residence, where investigators found highly-volatile explosive materials, bomb-making equipment, and other BMM. As a precaution, police with bomb-sniffing dogs searched the student's high school and found no evidence of explosives or BMM.

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