Law Enforcement Partners

ESC’s close relationship with local, state, and federal law enforcement departments and agencies and the training we provide these agencies is well known in the law enforcement community.  All of our members benefit from these valuable relationships and knowledge that is shared with and from the law enforcement community.

ESC is different than other trade organizations because of an ongoing relationship with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.   ESC's Law Enforcement Liaison Committee provides free training to law enforcement and partner with them in helping protect the energy sector, specifically in the energy producing states of the U.S.

The LELC is a made up of ESC members who's primary duty with their respective company is conducting active investigations. The LELC works with Law Enforcement officers on oilfield theft cases. It is actively involved in the certified training of law enforcement agencies to keep them familiar with the workings of the oil and gas industry.  The LELC also holds quarterly intelligence meetings with law enforcement and oil field company investigators to share information and intelligence of theft trends, patterns and suspects.

  • Mike Peters, Chairman- Lewis Energy Group
  • David Rainwater - Murphy Exploration & Production
  • Jeff Hudson - Devon Energy Corporation

Contact ESC if you have a request for training.


If you are a current Law Enforcement, Regulatory Agency or Academia working in security in the energy sector, register below, membership is free.

LE / Regulatory Registration

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